Projected 2011

2011 Sutherland Dark and Silent continues with the research and projects over the last 3 years to manifesting a series of site-specific interventions in collaboration with the local communities visiting scientist and artists in late 2010 and early 2011. The intention is to create an annual celebration owned by and to the benefit of the local community of Sutherland to highlight the resources and values of their unique environment and allow an opportunity to celebrate their context in relation to the otherwise isolated and challenging living conditions.


To host a meeting of scientists, artists and contemporary thinkers and practitioners to address points of discussions between their disciplines and the context of Sutherland.

To sustain the interventions and research in Sutherland into the creation of an annual celebration owned by and to the benefit to the community of Sutherland.

To create 3 participatory interventions spread from the town centre to the nearby international observatory to further the connections between the two places for locals and tourists.

To create dialogue and identify opportunities with current local Municipal Tourism and Collateral benefits programs from the Observatory.

To build on existing interest and proposed ideas by artists and scientists from previous projects in Sutherland.

To continue the transfer of knowledge and skills to the youth of Sutherland.

To make use of the current community development programs such as Kamama’s Coffee Shop and Venus Susters Guest House supported by the National Development Agency and support the new Youth Centre established by SAAO / SALT.

Activities by March 2011:

Intervention 1: Kamamas/ Youth Centre artwork

Intervention 2: Visitor Centre installation

Intervention 3: Observation Structure

Additional activities:

Possible intervention in the Observatory shuttle, Kamama’s Coffee Shop, the Youth Centre and¬†Venus Susters

Oral history research and recordings

Redesigning the Planetary Highway and brainstorming the development and upgrade of other public areas

Kite Flying and experimental activities

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